About Valley Point

Valley Point is centrally located at River Valley and it is home to FairPrice Finest, Starbucks, Little Farms, Pet Lovers Centre, Natureland Massage & Therapy and Anytime Fitness. For a relaxing change of pace, check out this pleasant enclave at River Valley Road.

Diaper-changing stations are located at Level 1 toilets.


EPS Parking
Monday - Sunday
First hour or part thereof - $1.55
Every subsequent half hour or part thereof - $0.81
With Effect 1 Jan 2023. 

Nursing Rooms

Level 1

Customer Service Counter (Level 1)

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm (weekdays only)
Redemption Hours: 9am - 6pm (weekdays only)

For general enquires or feedback on Frasers Property Singapore, please email us at promo@frasersproperty.com.

For leasing enquiries please complete the online enquiry form.

We will contact you should there be suitable space available.

***All information is accurate at the time of updating the website. Visit Customer Service Counter at Level 1, or call (65) 6737 5523 for more information.

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Customer Service Counter
Level 1
Opening Hours: 9am– 6pm (weekdays only)
Redemption Hours: 9am – 6pm (weekdays only)